2007 thoughts

It's time to post plans for the upcoming hiking season. A new life has begun with a woman who is still learning about the joys of backpacking; therefore, shorter walks are in the works for 2007 to ensure that she continues to enjoy what she learns!

Northwest - Several places come to mind, the most prominent being something in the Wallowas. Enough driving past granite to reach more granite!! The north and south ends of the Crest Trail in Washington (Pasayten, Goat Rocks wildernesses) also have some appeal, as does something near Mt. Adams. And, somehow, I still have not managed to schedule a Mt. Hood loop - but that has some tough stretches, so maybe later or in small bites. A couple of Columbia Gorge camps would also be interesting, a fine way to reach my goal to hike every mile of trail on the Gorge-trail map!!
Sierra: I seek milder hikes in case Lórien choose to join me, so these are less ambitious than previous Sierra jaunts. The last one's a potential toughie though, assuming I have sufficient gluten-free meals thought up by then!

  • N Yosemite / Virginia semi-loop
    A short and scenic trip under 20 mikes, with an overnight at 9600 feet, this one has some of every Sierra scene: above-timberline scenery, lakes, streams, and distant views. It's just south of the Sawtooth area that I keep putting on the list, and now forces that to #3. How rude!
  • E. Sierra / McGee - Convict non-loop
    These two short-hike basins can be connected two ways, so viting both basins via Secor's x-c Gemini and Corridor passes is available. This area was seen in '97 only from Tully to Big McGee lakes. The McGee trailhead is the site of my aspen photo in October '02. The Silver Divide is spectacular, and several day-hikes could be worked in here.
  • N Yosemite / Sawtooth Ridge loop
    A perpetual second-tier contender, its lack of great elevation change and all-trail route sounds mighty good - and highly scenic too!
  • S Yosemite / Red Peak Pass
    Probably via Chiquito and Merced passes; at least to Ottoway Lakes, but hopefully a loop using Post Peak Pass as well.
  • W Sierra / NF Kings
    Huge but somewhat leisurely, this would see the country just north of the 2001 trip in the North Fork drainage, with x-c jaunts possible in several places.
Wyoming: Wind River north
Another obvious one for the list, it's been on here since '99. It is planned as a loop from New Fork Lakes, but can become a non-loop by exploring worthy country further south and exiting at popular Elkhart Park. This one's a biggie, so possibly deferred to the 2009 Big Trip.

Idaho: My brother now lives in north-central Idaho and is getting to know the possibilities there; perhaps a route will materialize around here somewhere..