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How to get around the website
The menu-bar on the left has four topics from top to bottom: hiking in gold, astronomy in blue, weather in grey (hey this is the Northwest!) and all the rest in sage. You can jump to them from the top using "astro-weather-&c" links.
We start on the hiking screen, fair enough since it's granitic.net after all. Below the primary box of links (more later) we get to a cover page for the hike stuff ("overview"), followed by details on most of the Big Trips. Below them are more generic backpacking topics and an e-mail link.

Jumping down to astro and weather pages brings up similar sets of links. My astronomy pages focus on my observations and gear; see &c section for external links. The Weather section focuses on the Pacific Northwest, but several of the links are national or can be used to jump elsewhere. The etCetera links go to my personal "none of the above" pages, and links to external sites of all sorts. If you get lost or confused... you're in my virtual world, so this should not surprise you!

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